Elders are the essential pillars of any society because of their wisdom and experience. Sometimes, elders have no one to turn to for their needs due to many reasons. At Jivan Rang, we step in to help them reclaim the purpose and meaning of their life. Elderly care is our forte. Our senior citizen home in Thane is the perfect place for the elders in your family who feel neglected and lonely. The trained staff in our old age home in Thane is very amicable and respectful towards elders. They ensure everyone is joyful and thriving each day. We record the medical health conditions of everyone in our care and give them their medicines and food on time. Various forms of entertainment like indoor games, musical nights, yoga, etc., are organized to cheer them up and make them feel loved.



Healthcare at home is an essential and crucial service provided by us. Some people are bedridden, who may have difficulty carrying out their everyday activities irrespective of their age. Jivan Rang provides affordable home healthcare services for bedridden patients who want additional and continuous care in the comfort of their homes with their families. If you don’t wish to send them to a care center for treatment and stay, then no problem, we understand your emotions! Our team comprises trained staff for home care services. We will take care of your loved ones, along with you, so they can recover and resume their activities at the earliest.



Jivan Rang provides all the four levels of hospice care services, namely, Hospice Care At Home, Continuous Hospice Care, In-Patient Hospice Care, and Respite Care, depending on the need. Our team is well-versed in providing care for terminally ill patients. We try to calm them, make them happy, and not feel bad about their condition. It is a very critical juncture in their life and needs very delicate handling. Jivan Rang’s compassionate, caring, and kind staff will ensure the final days of your loved ones passes by in peace, comfort, and joy.



Your loved ones may have recently undergone an operation or might be waiting to get operated on at an appropriate time. We provide pre-surgical and post-surgical care for patients. Pre-surgical and post-surgical care in India is a rarity. At our care center, we wish to cater to the growing demands of this segment of the population. If you are working, you have a dependent whom you cannot leave alone at home, or you want to go out of town for an urgent meeting, then be rest assured that Jivan Rang will take utmost care of your loved one. We also provide medical assistance for such patients in our care if needed.



Care for cancer patients involves a lot of patience and determination. It can be exhausting and depressing as well, depending upon the patient’s response and bad days. Jivan Rang provides trained staff to handle the daily needs and mood swings of a cancer patient. Cancer can be a very debilitating and draining disease. Patients need a lot of constant encouragement and positivity to take one day at a time. Avail of our cancer care services to take care of cancer patients at home, or you may send them to our care center in Thane.



Dementia is a terrible disease that may hamper a person’s everyday functioning significantly. We provide both in-house and home care services for dementia patients. Caring for dementia patients can be a bit draining as they keep forgetting things and may suffer from more than one symptom. It is so vital to deal with a lot of love and patience with such people. It can get highly taxing for the family members of such patients; so, don’t worry Jivan Rang is here to help you get through these tough times!